Hi there

At The Red Bridge Consultancy we specialise in creating Corporate Communications. We work with our clients to help them inform, motivate and educate employees, other businesses and their stakeholders. 

We create quality work that certainly hits the back of the net when it comes to delivering on your business objectives. And because it helps you to achieve your goals, we’re not ashamed to say we make everything we do look good too...


We help you engage with...

...your employees

Do your employees know in what direction you’re heading? Are they committed to do their part to help you get there, or are they just along for the ride? We help communicate Vision and Values, explain strategy and process, and build a sense of ownership and pride. We help our clients achieve this globally, regionally, with colleagues who share an office and with those who spend all their time on the road.

...other businesses

So, your employees are all singing from the same song sheet, but do you have the businesses you interact with dancing to a different tune? We help our clients create brand guidelines, presentations, pitch materials, and PR and marketing collateral to promote their business, their products and their ideas.


...key stakeholders

No business exists in isolation, but are you making the most of the opportunities you have to engage with your stakeholders? Whether it’s good for your bottom line, beneficial to your brand, or because you have an obligation, there are many ways we can help you engage with your stakeholders...

‘Goal getting’ image created by the Red Bridge Consultancy Ltd. for the Heinz HR toolkit


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